Oct 8th
Oct 30th
Many of the works on display will feature nature-based motifs, including flowers, birds, and butterflies

Kohei Kyomori Solo Exhibition

An event at Ginza's Whitestone Gallery

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Whitestone Gallery, Ginza When : Oct 8th - Oct 30th 2021, 11:00am - 7:00pm

From October 8th until October 30th, Ginza's Whitestone Gallery will be hosting a solo exhibition of works from contemporary artist Kohei Kyomori. Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1985, Kyomori graduated from Milan's Marangoni Fashion Institute in 2008, and the foundation of knowledge he gained there has been a source of inspiration throughout his career.

Part of Kyomori's approach when it comes to his art involves researching the ornamental function of ceramics, architecture, and textiles, and then producing an artwork based on his findings — essentially turning 3D items into 2D. This exhibition will focus primarily on kacho fugetsu (images of nature), and many of the works on display will include motifs of flowers, birds, and butterflies.

Getting there

Whitestone Gallery is located just two minutes on foot from Ginza Station (Tokyo Metro's Ginza, Hibiya, and Marunouchi lines), or around three minutes from Hibiya Station (Tokyo Metro's Chiyoda and Hibiya Lines, and the Toei Subway's Mita Line).


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