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Mr. Farmer Omotesando

The concept of beauty and health made from food

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When you're looking for food that comes straight from the source, look no further than Mr. Farmer. The group of cafes opened their flagship store in Omotesando back in 1994, and have since expanded to another five locations including Shinjuku and Roppongi. Their business concept is "beauty and health made through food", and their menu offerings are both healthy and delicious.

The store has a wide range of eats on offer, including an array of options for any visitors who are vegans or require gluten free foods. The vegan options include a green curry served with quinoa, eggplant and brown rice, a soy and burdock root burger topped with teriyaki sauce and avocado, and a pho dish made with sweet potato vermicelli noodles. If you're a vegan and after a sweet treat, they have you covered there as well - the vegan tart layered with seasonal fruit and the raw chocolate fondant cake both looked good enough to make your mouth water.

Perhaps one of the best things about eating at Mr. Farmer is knowing that there is a direct connection with the farmers who grow the crops used in the dishes here. Akira Watanabe, the founder of the Mr. Farmer restaurants, deals directly with approximately 100 farmers across the country to source the best produce, and there is a mission to choose organic options whenever possible. This commitment to sourcing the best produce really does come through in the taste and the appearance of the items on the menu.

If you're after a meal that has health and great taste at the forefront, Mr. Farmer is a great place to visit.

Getting there

Mr. Farmer is located under ten minutes on foot from either Omotesando Station (on the Ginza, Hanzomon or Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Lines) or Gaienmae Station (on the Ginza Tokyo Metro Line).


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