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Oakhouse Kamata 260 Sharehouse

The story of 260 people begins here

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Finding a high quality service for an affordable price can be hard to find. Especially in regard to a shared house in and around Tokyo, or with good accessibility to National Treasure sites or must see areas such as Shibuya or Harajuku. Coincidently, Oakhouse Kamata 260 provides just that.

Located in the Kamata area of southern Tokyo, it’s an eight storey, 260-room share house located only a four-minute walk from Kamata and Zoshiki Stations (Keikyu local and main lines). This creates easy access to Haneda Airport and Shinagawa Station, a major station with access to JR city and Shinkansen lines. There are multiple nearby facilities: a convenience store, superstore, pharmacy and many local restaurants to name but a few.

The facilities Kamata 260 offers are exceptional and of high standard at an affordable price range. They have both single and shared occupancy rooms for up to two individuals, charging only moderately more for shared occupancy. Each room is reasonably-sized and equipped with a fridge, freezer, air-conditioner, chair, desk, bed and storage. Each floor holds washroom facilities, a small kitchen and a laundry room. All-female floors are also on offer. Noise level is kept to a minimum during the late evening hours.

On the ground floor, a large kitchen, lounge space, two soundproof music rooms (with provided instruments), theatre space and an ample-sized studio are available. A meeting room equipped with a projector is also located on the ground floor. Both printer and scanner facilities are provided, with free Wi-Fi in the lobby. Public baths are also there for men and women respectively. Bath facilities close at 1 am, whereas showers are available twenty-four hours. Adjoined to the female public bathroom is a powder room, furnished with washing and drying capabilities.

For non-Japanese speakers, all application forms and contracts are in English and most, if not all, staff members speak English and are always eager to help. The managers at Kamata 260 are friendly and very reliable; they will happily recommend places to visit in and around the local area and greater Tokyo, and they'll introduce you to other members of the complex as well. Overall, Kamata 260 is certainly a recommended share house for visitors to Tokyo.

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