Jun 1st
Jul 18th
The room will be decked out in umbrella and hydrangea motifs
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Rainy Camp Sleepover Party

A limited-time event at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho When : Jun 1st - Jul 18th 2021

After a way to beat the feelings of melancholy that often come with the rainy season? The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is creating a bit of fun during this time of year with their limited-time Rainy Camp Sleepover Party room plans.

The rooms will be decorated with motifs of umbrellas and hydrangeas, and the impressive views out over the city allow guests to appreciate the beauty of the season whilst staying dry. When there is a break in the rain, visitors are encouraged to take a stroll in the Tokyo Garden Terrace area where a number of hydrangeas bloom.

The room plans will also include a glamping-style dinner so that you really don't need to venture outside if you don't want to!

Reservations can be made by contacting the hotel directly.

Getting there

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho is located just a minute on foot from Akasaka Mitsuke Station, which is served by the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Marunouchi Line (via the Akasaka underground walkway D towards Kioicho). Alternatively, the venue is directly linked to Nagatacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line - take exit 9A.


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