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Senso-ji Temple at Asakusa

New Year's Prayer for Luck & Happiness

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Senso-ji is one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. Since the beginning of the Edo era, many people come here, especially during the New Year's holidays. There are many souvenir shops on the street approach from Kaminarimon Gate to the main temple selling traditional items such as Samurai swords, folding fans, and foods. First of all, you will see Kaminarimon Gate. There are very big paper lanterns here and two strong guardian lion-dogs. The roof of the main temple is new because it burned down during WWII. Nowadays they use new technology so that the tiles look real but they are not. About the five-story pagoda, they say that there is a piece of Buddha's bone in this tower. Benten-do is at the top of the little hill. This particular Goddess has grey hair so people call her "Old Benzaiten".

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