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Shimokitazawa Curry Festival

Inventive curry dishes at over 100 participating businesses

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Venue : Various businesses around Shimokitazawa Station When : Sep 30th - Oct 31st 2022

The Shimokitazawa neighborhood of Tokyo is renowned for several things, including a vibrant live music scene, vintage fashions by the bucketload, and an impressive array of independent coffee shops and eateries. The Shimokitazawa Curry Festival celebrates this latter point, and the event has been running for over a decade.

Over 100 stores in the local area will be participating in the festival, with some inventive takes on this much-loved meal. The full list of businesses taking part can be found on the event website, but some of the dishes on offer include a pork, shrimp and pineapple curry from Nawod Curry, a cheese, tomato, and curry toasted sandwich from Ekupuri, and curry spring rolls from Wine Bar 5-6.

Photo: 株式会社アイラブ

The festival runs from the end of September until the end of October, giving visitors a chance to enjoy a variety of meals from different businesses.

Getting there

The stores participating in the event center around Shimokitazawa Station, which is served by the Odakyu Odawara Line and the Inokashira Line.


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