SIRO-A Presents "That’s ZENtertainment!"

New regular show for tourists in Asakusa

May 29
Jun 27
Venue: Asakusa Rock Yumemachi Theater When: May 29th - Jun 27th 2017 , 11:00am - 9:00pm

From May 29th to June 27th 2017 in Asakusa, the world-famous performance group SIRO-A will launch a new non-verbal performance, That's ZENtertainment!, an amazing mix of cutting edge technology and traditional Japanese culture. The group's name SIRO—"white" in Japanese—is made evident by their distinguishing white-painted faces seen throughout their shows.

This brand new performance is composed of dance, comedy, illusion and acrobatics, including a Ninja projection-mapping battle, Geta tap dancing, Kanji shadow puppetry, percussion performance with Buddhist altar fittings, and even an interactive photo performance with the audience.

SIRO-A surprised the world with their America's Got Talent performance back in 2015, where they achieved the Golden Buzzer (fasttrack qualification) from Piers Morgan and got a standing ovation from the judges. SIRO-A's performances combine mime with visual effects against a techno backdrop.

The show runs in June but special previews will be available between 15th–20th May.

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