The Sweet Smell of "Sweets Bouquet"

Featuring a variety of famous sweets in Tokyo Station
Sarah Chaney   - 2 min read

Tokyo station - the second largest in Tokyo.

Newly built and renovated shops line the streets along the station, and the underground shopping center, called Central Street, is overflowing with東京/甘い香りが漂うsweets-bouquet/21777 shops.

Nestled among the endless rows of stores is a specialty shop named "Sweets Bouquet." There is not much information about it on the internet, but this is a place where you can buy a variety of sweets.

Candy, chocolates, bread and macaroons are only a few things you can get your hands on at this shop. At this cute shop bursting with delicious smells, you can also try samples. This allows you to carefully select only the sweets that you find to your taste.

The products in the shop are mostly geared toward buying omiyage, which are souvenirs or small gifts usually given to friends and coworkers after returning from a trip. They also have plenty of other more expensive gifts that would make perfect individual presents for someone special like your boss or relatives.

Business hours at the Sweets Bouquet is from 7 AM until 9 PM, so it is also convenient for travelers passing through Tokyo station. At this shop there are also products that are only sold from the Tokyo station shop, so I recommend that you take the time to slowly browse.

Photography is prohibited inside the shop, but some shops are more lenient than others. For those who would like to take pictures, please ask the staff first.

Sarah Chaney

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