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Hono - brewing coffee
Hono - brewing coffee (Photo: Ilona Lin)

Tokyo Coffee Festival 2024

Different coffee types from all over the world

Ilona Lin   - 3 min read
Venue : Farmer’s Market @ UNU When : Mid - Late Oct 2024

Attention all java lovers! The Tokyo Coffee Festival is a biannual event featuring coffee beans from different countries as well as several coffee brands such as Ritual Coffee, Sightglass Coffee, Fourbarrel Coffee, and BlueBottle Coffee. This wonderful event aims to create a culture that promotes high-quality coffee. The festival also collaborates with different sweets producers from around the world, allowing customers and visitors to enjoy a perfect combination of bitter and sweet flavors.

The Tokyo Coffee Festival sells a set of five tickets and five small paper cups for customers to try coffee from different stations, or you can buy a full cup of coffee directly from each booth. And with about 20 coffee booths to try, your day will be filled with caffeine. Each booth highlights a different type of coffee. The staff makes the coffee right in front of the customer, which is one of the major features of Tokyo Coffee Festival. Aside from coffee, you can purchase artsy cups, mugs and canvas bags, and enjoy treats from quirky food vans.

The Tokyo Coffee Festival is held beside the farmer’s market at the United Nations University (UNU). It is organized by the Tokyo Coffee Executive Committee, Festival Farmer’s Market Association, and Good Coffee. It is also an event supported by Amameria Espresso, Glitch Coffee Roasters, Trunk Coffee Bar, Double Tall Coffee, Coffee House Tomu Tomu, among many others.

The farmer’s market is also held in front of the United Nations University during the festival and gets crowded with students, families, couples, and tourists on the weekend of the event. The farmer’s market booths feature some great and interesting products such as vegetables, honey, traditional Japanese plants, hand-made crafts, natural sweets, nuts, and olive oil at relatively cheap prices. It is definitely worth a visit for people in search of organic or handmade products!

The Tokyo Coffee Festival is one of the must-see events for coffee lovers in and around Tokyo. Enjoy various samples of coffee and purchase high-quality coffee beans from all over the world over the course of the weekend.

The next festival should be held in 2021.

Ilona Lin

Ilona Lin @ilona.lin

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