Show Club Kagura Tokyo

Oiran dance club in Roppongi

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Show Club Kagura Tokyo, opened in September 2018, is a mix of elegance and sex appeal filled with vibrant colors. The show is sure to appeal to those looking for night time entertainment in Roppongi. The club is nearby the well-known Roppongi crossing and goes on all night!

Once you get inside the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable with brightly colored walls and soft furnishings. The lights start out bright to enhance the painted walls and ceiling decorations but are later dimmed down creating a perfect environment for a drink and conversation with friends. The feel of the show and staff is highly reminiscent of oiran style. Traditionally oiran were courtesans and entertainers in Japan, highly skilled in dance and arts with a reputation more strongly integrated with nightlife and seduction than the more well-known geisha.

While the Show Club Kagura Tokyo is not a hostess bar, there are similarities in the payment systems and the serving staff, who double as dancers during showtime. The interaction between customers and dancers is lighthearted and fun. The dancers will sit just below the guests when serving drinks or food and join in the conversation and small talk between the shows. The girls are all young, friendly and eager to speak with guests (a few speak English). Guests can also purchase small bundles of fake money that the dancers will gladly accept and tuck away in their garments.

What separates this location from a standard girls bar, however, is the entertainment on the front stage. The dance shows are a mix of traditional and modern styles and run every two hours. The show starts in Japanese style with woodblock sounds and traditional kimono style garb. The girls dance and entertain in beautiful sync with as many as four to six dancers at the same time on the front stage. The experience is very intimate as the dancers will approach guests tables and be in close proximity throughout the show. More authentic than what you would find at the more well-known Robot Restaurant, the shows are well choreographed by experts in traditional Japanese dance styles and the costumes and decoration are high quality. Modern effects also come into play with surround sound, lighting, and music to enhance the performance. Our own performance included an incredibly memorable and somewhat chilling rendition of the Rolling Stones "Fade to Black" with two dancers wearing distinctive Noh style masks covering their faces. Clashing with the dark style was an upbeat rendition of vaudeville dance with go-go dancers and a lively soundtrack. On certain nights there are also sub-shows such as pole dance and more.

Men can enjoy the show for 90 minutes starting from 4,000 JPY. An all-you-can-drink option upgrade is available at 6,000 JPY for 90 minutes. Staying beyond 90 minutes will be charged additionally per 30 minutes. Ladies can join the show for 120 minutes from 3,000 JPY for all-you-can-drink. Food is available with a wide variety of traditional Japanese catered options.

Doors open from 8:00 pm and close at 4:00 am. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Getting there

From Roppongi Station (Oedo line) take exit 5 and walk straight. The building i past the Family Mart on the right side of the street, 1 minute walk from Roppongi Crossing.

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