Sunset Over Suisho-hama Beach

Time-lapse video of mesmerizing sunset over Fukui beach

Hiroshi Ohnuki   - 1 min read

Located on the western side of Tsuruga peninsula, Suisho-hama Beach is covered with rough-textured round stones. When you walk on the beach these round stones will give you the impression as though you are walking on fine crystals. Thus, the beach was named Suisho-hama (Crystal Beach). The beautiful white sand beach (in fact stones) and its clear water made it one of the '88 Best Beaches in Japan' selected by Japan's Ministry of the Environment. The beach is also well-known as a Sunset Beach, and one day I tried to capture it on video. When I went, the sky was hazy and the horizon was unclear, which made me almost give up videotaping it. But I did it anyway and I'm glad that I did, for the sunset turned out to be simply gorgeous!

Hiroshi Ohnuki

Hiroshi Ohnuki @hiroshi.ohnuki

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