Vegan eats, cosmetics, and more will be available at the event
Earth Vegan Fest

Earth Vegan Fest

An outdoor event to raise awareness of veganism

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Maizuru Park When : Late Nov 2021

The Earth Vegan Fest is an event designed to spread awareness of veganism in Japan. The event will include stage presentations and workshops, vegan foods, vegan beauty products, and more.

The event also aims to be sustainable and zero waste, so if you do plan on purchasing something, you're asked to bring your own plate, utensils, cup, and recyclable bag. There will also be a compost bin available at the venue for any food scraps!

Entry to the event is free, but do bring some yen if you plan to make a purchase from the vendors.

Getting there

The Earth Vegan Fest is being held at Fukuoka's Maizuru Park. The park is just a minute on foot from the Ōhorikōen Station, served by the Fukuoka City Subway's Kuko Line..

For those who plan to drive to the venue, there are several paid lots in the surrounding area. The Maizuru Park #1 parking lot is just one of them - it's priced at 150 yen per hour.

More info

Find out more about Maizuru Park.


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