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Okadaya Cafe and General Store

A debate on indigenous culinary identity aside, what Okadaya tries to do is to transport the visitor to a time past. Imagine a sixties soda and milk bar, complete with dyed perms and pop candy hues that go hand in hand with sunglasses, such are the flushes of Tangerine and Strawberry Sundae and superflat shapes that screams Andy Warhol.


Kakurega, near Nakatsugawa station, is a great fusion izakaya offering a welcome to the local and the international traveler.

Sprout Cafe/Takeuma

Tiny corner cafe run by a cheery young couple who use what little space they have to great effect. Serving light ¥500 lunches, drinks and homemade cookies by day and local sake and homestyle cooking at night.

Flowers Common, Shibuya

Flowers Common, Shibuya

In the Hikarie tower next to Tokyo's Shibuya station, Flowers Common is a relaxed, spacious cafe with a varied menu for lunch, dinner or afternoon snacks.

Kakoiya Sendai

Kakoiya is a restaurant steps away from Sendai station. It specializes in grilled items and sashimi, plus it boasts an extensive drink menu. 

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