The M Festival aims to connect people with not just music, but art, wellness, and lifestyle workshops
Kim B

Myoko Mountain Music Festival

A world-class music event in the Niigata mountains

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Venue : Ikenotaira, Myoko, Niigata 949-2112, Japan When : Early Oct 2021

The Myoko Mountain Music Festival (or M Festival) was born from a dream to create a world-class, sustainable outdoor music festival in the mountains of Niigata. The event combines music, art, wellness, and lifestyle components, which include the likes of yoga classes, guided meditations, and even Japanese herbal medicine making workshops.

There are a range of precautions being taken at the event to mitigate against coronavirus, including temperature checks before entering the venue, mask wearing, and social distancing being enforced in queues. Due to the location in the mountains, the event organizers also recommend being prepared for quickly changing weather and insects - bring layers and bug repellent!

Getting there

The closest station to the M Festival is Myoko Kogen Station, served by the Shinano Railway's Kita-Shinano Line, and the Myoko Haneuma Line. A free shuttle will operate from the station to the festival venue.

On-site parking will also be available for those who plan to drive to the event.


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