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Byodoji, No.22 Temple of Pilgrimage

Pray for your own health and the health of loved ones

Naoko Takeuchi   - 1 min read

Byodoji is the No.22 temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, located in Anan City of Tokushima Prefecture.

Over 1000 years ago, the famous priest Kukai came here for Buddhist training. When he created a well, a milky miraculous water (Hakusui) appeared. This miraculous water is believed to cure sickness, and flows out into the temple's precincts even now. Many people come to pray for their own health and the health of loved ones. You can drink and take out this miraculous water. (The water's color is clear.) If you want to drink, ask the administration office.

The most eye-catching location in the precincts is the purification water font. This basin is decorated with seasonal plants. It looks like an Ikebana flower arrangement.

Byodoji also has stone stairs named “Yaku-Zaka” like Yakuoji (No.23). Coins are dropped on each step in order to escape misfortune.

Naoko Takeuchi

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