Fireworks exploding in the sky above the roof of the Daishido, which houses the statue of Kobo Daishi (Photo: Yoshifumi Hara)

Shosan-ji Summer Festival 2024

At a Buddhist temple in Tokushima Prefecture

Sarah Chaney   - 1 min read
Venue : Shosanji Temple When : Late Aug 2024

Inside the temple grounds are food stalls with grilled food, including grilled squid, and lanterns light the path leading to the temple. The temple grounds have a different atmosphere than usual, with groups of families gathering for this special event.

August 30th is the Buddhist memorial service at Shousan-ji, which is the 12th temple out of 88 on a pilgrimage route in Shikoku. This area also hosts the Awa Odori Festival and other traditional bon dances.

Not only can you watch this festival, but you can also participate. When the main portion of the festival finishes, there is a karaoke event followed by fireworks. The fireworks burst in the sky, which is so vast that it seems to swallow the small temple.

Shooting off only 150 fireworks, this festival may seem small in comparison to others, but the the grandeur cannot be matched. This event ends just as the month of September starts, marking the time when the leaves start to change colors, giving the mountains vibrant fall colors.

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