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Fine Thai cuisine in Tokyo

Karen Zheng
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Ananda Thai is an authentic Thai restaurant located conveniently in downtown Tokyo, Akasaka. Built upon the lifelong dream of its aspiring owner, Suphanee-san, this sophisticated yet homely Thai restaurant presents the Thai culture and charms beyond a deliciously satisfying culinary experience.

Named after the owner’s father, “Ananda” also stands for happiness or bliss – something that the restaurant thrives to bring to its diners through mouthwatering cuisine and impeccable service amidst a heartwarming atmosphere.

The bustling streets shall fade to a dull memory, as one walks down the stairway lined with beautiful Thai artworks. Soft music constantly plays in the background, lulling one into a sense of calm. Inhale the refreshing scents of lemongrass in the air. You might feel like you have stumbled upon the ‘Land of Smiles’ itself.

Art connoisseurs would definitely appreciate a visit to Ananda Thai, as the restaurant is artfully designed in a modern contemporary style that reflects all things Thai. Beautiful paintings and silk handicrafts that adorn the restaurants walls were personally commissioned or sourced from Bangkok, Thailand, by the owner.

In fact, almost everything in the restaurant was imported from Thailand. From wood panels and cabinets to food recipes that have been passed down from the previous generation, the efforts that went into creating an authentic Thai experience for the diners can be mind-boggling!

Making orders in Ananda Thai is extremely easy with its extensive menu that comes in hardcopy with three different languages (Japanese, Thai and English), as well as an iPad that presents irresistible visual treats. Since everything looks great, the latter might put one in a dilemma as to what to choose!

Not to worry though, as Suphanee-san and her helpful staff are on standby and happy to give you some recommendations. The chefs can also cater to special dietary concerns and there is flexibility in one’s food choices.

And what of the food verdict?

Fresh ingredients are cooked-to-perfection, thereby bringing a balance in terms of sweetness, savoury and sourness in each dish! Adorned with beautiful vegetables carving, each plate provides visual aesthetics in addition to great taste! As with all other aspects of the restaurant, one can see, taste and feel the effort that has been put together to create these delicious foods of art. If you are looking for an authentic Thai dining experience, look no further.

Besides serving lunch and dinner, Ananda Thai also hosts group dinners, office parties and other corporate or leisure events.

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