Fresh and spicy Mexican food and art in Shibuya

Hannah Warren
By Hannah Warren   - 3 min read

One of life’s big pleasures is a good margarita. If you can team that with a meal of fresh and spicy Mexican food, I feel like life is pretty excellent.

The big problem, of course, is finding good Mexican food in Tokyo (or indeed anywhere in Japan), as opposed to Japanese food with a splash of Tabasco and a wee Mexican flag.

Thank Dios for Arriba! This gorgeous, spicy little spot in Sakuragaoka-cho manages to provide not only the excellent food and drinks, but also art, jewelry and music. The perfect place, really.

Located about a ten minute walk from Shibuya Station, in a small, quiet street, Arriba is easy to find because of its bright decorating scheme, which glows brightly from the inside on dark evenings. The walls are orange, and there are large cacti painted on the walls. In warm weather, the doors will be fully opened, creating a terrace-like effect looking out onto the street.

Inside, there are several large tables as well as a wide counter overlooking the bar. Take a seat wherever you please, and grab a menu.

You can safely order pretty much anything here in the knowledge that it’s going to be great, but the cheese stuffed jalapenos are out of this world, and the enchiladas merit a second helping. The burritos are pretty amazing too, and the chicken fajitas are mouthwatering.

Don’t even bother looking at the drinks menu; make your first round a straight up margarita. These cocktails, rimmed with salt and sporting a wedge of lime, burst with flavor, and pack a real punch.

The food is great, but there’s more to Arriba than just the spicy dishes and tequila. The walls are lined with incredible Mexican-style art, most of which is available for sale, and there is some truly beautiful ethnic jewelry for sale displayed on the bar, which has been handmade by the head chef.

Head in for happy hour from five to seven pm, or if you’re a really big fan of tequila you can opt for their all you can drink course.

You don't usually need a reservation here, so head in whenever you want for an excellent Mexican meal. Arriba!

Hannah Warren

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