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Food & Time Isetan – Atre Shinagawa

New food space opens next to the main station

Takumi Ota
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Newly refurbished for its opening on Tuesday November 15th, Food & Time Isetan is a renovated food-court/boutique space at Atre Shinagawa, modeled on a food/lifestyle concept spread across four zones.

The new food court/delicatessen area invites some familiar names such as Mexican (via Australia) eatery Guzman Y Gomez, and craft beer specialists, Antenna America. Others to join the fray include Karuizawa-born Boulangerie Asanoya, Gri & Pain, and a range of delicatessens: Uosei, Deli Chef's Seleq and Farmer's Green.

The relaxation area combines San Francisco’s famed Blue Bottle Coffee alongside a neighbouring bookstore, with Queen's Isetan supermarket occupying the remaining space across 2 distinct areas: 'Make' houses a grocery, charcuterie and fishmonger, with 'Enjoy' showcasing a Wine bar, tapas and alcoholic products on sale.

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