Shibuya's 'Green Frog' Train

Visiting the past in Shibuya

By Mifthanzi Ariana Sarashanti   - 1 min read

Shibuya is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo for visitors from both Japan and around the world. High buildings, classy restaurants, high class shops, the latest fashions, and huge human traffic all converge on this spot.

But what would Shibuya have looked like if we'd been here 80 years ago? The Tokyu 5000 series "Green Frog" train carriage outside the station (near the Hachiko statue) helps us find out, as an example of the types of train seen in Tokyo between 1954 and 1986.

Aogaeru, or 'green frog', is now converted to a Tourist Information Center that has lived outside Shibuya Station in the Hachiko Square area since 2006.

Mifthanzi Ariana Sarashanti

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