Temari No Ouchi Cat Cafe

Chill out with cats in this treehouse-like cafe!

Sophia Warren
Sophia Warren   - 3 min read

Cat café’s are all the rage in Tokyo, but Temari no Uchi holds its own as it goes above and beyond the regular neko paradise. Situated just outside of Tokyo proper in Mushashino, Temari no Uchi is on the third floor of a mini plaza about a ten-minute walk from Kichijoji station. While the majority of cat cafes rely on the furry felines to solely satisfy customers, this cafe goes the extra mile with a cozy treehouse theme.

As this neko cafe is quite popular, it is best to make a reservation in advance by phone, via email, or visiting in person to avoid waiting in a long line. While their website is primarily in Japanese, making an email reservation in English is possible. A bit more expensive than other cat cafes (but well worth the price), Temari no Ouchi charges a ¥1,200 entrance fee on weekdays and ¥1,600. For those on a more frugal budget, from 7:00pm until the cafe’s 9:00pm closing, the entrance fee is only ¥700. But, note that most cats at this time might be more into napping than playing with catnip toys, as it is the end of their long workday.

Before entering the cafe, customers are required to remove their shoes and wash their hands. They are also are asked not to use flash when taking photos. Once seated you can order beverages from their extensive menu––from coffee to smoothies to cocktails––as well as order snacks or a light meal.

The servers also provide a cute scrapbook, which identifies each of the twenty or so cats roaming around by their name, classification, and brief biography. From squishy-faced Scottish Folds to gigantic Main Coons, Temari no Ouchi boasts a wide variety of cats to have a relaxing afternoon with. Many customers try to tempt cats with catnip toys and mimicking purrs, but as cats are notorious for being independent souls you’ll be lucky if they’re in a playful mood during your visit. Regardless, the cats at this cafe will capture your heart and provide endless entertainment!

After taking a plethora of cute cat photos and sipping on sweet drinks, you’re likely to feel that you do not want to part ways with these newfound feline friends. As a memento, you can purchase a ¥200 pin donning one of the cats. Be sure to pick one up on your way out!

Do note that inside the cafe it is rather warm as to provide a comfortable environment for the kitties. So keep in mind your attire before arriving. Furthermore, this cat cafe has a more relaxed environment so bringing younger children is not encouraged. Keeping these conditions in mind, make your way over to this cute cat cafe in Mushashino!

Sophia Warren

Sophia Warren @sophia.warren