Red Bunny Tattoo Studio

A Kichijoji-based tattoo studio offering quality ink

Red Bunny Tattoo Studio
Serena Ogawa   - 4 min read

Japanese tattoos are known around the world for their quality. And if you’re an ink lover, perhaps you’re planning to pick up a new piece of skin art on your next visit to Tokyo. But with so many tattoo studios spread throughout the city, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for a high-quality tattoo in Japan, not to mention navigating the language barrier some travelers face. Luckily, Red Bunny Tattoo Studio is there to aid and ink.

Opened in 2005 near Kichijoji Station, Red Bunny Tattoo is conveniently located a 20-minute ride from Shinjuku Station. The studio, located on the 3rd floor (no elevator), provides its customers with high-quality tattoos at an affordable cost—and some basic English assistance. Another boon to having your tattoo done at Red Bunny—the private rooms.

Red Bunny's consultation room
Red Bunny's consultation room (Photo: Red Bunny Tattoo Studio)

Their four skilled artists are available to make your dream ink a reality. Horifuki, Horitsuji, Magnus, and Akatsuki each have their own galleries of finished tattoos for your perusal. You can even meet with your preferred artist before your reservation at a consultation. In fact, it’s recommended that you make an appointment for two to three months in advance.

Exquisite tattooing
Exquisite tattooing (Photo: Red Bunny Tattoo Studio)

That’s right—Red Bunny Tattoo is in high demand and has quite the waiting list. While they can sometimes accept walk-ins for very small tattoos, it’s much better if you email them as far in advance as you can to ensure that you can get scheduled in for your inking. If that seems like a long wait before you even step foot in Tokyo, take solace in the fact that Red Bunny will work with you to ensure that your tattoo is just what you wanted.

Get a tattoo in peace and privacy
Get a tattoo in peace and privacy (Photo: Red Bunny Tattoo Studio)

The studio uses all top-of-the-line machines, inks, and tools in a sanitary environment. So, whether you know what you’re looking for before you even contact Red Bunny or you have only a vague idea—maybe you even want something designed for you—the studio’s skilled artists will work with you to create that perfect piece of art that lasts forever.

Getting there

From Kichijoji Station's northside, walk along Kichijoji Doori and turn left on Taisho Doori. Red Bunny Tattoo will be on the right (look up), after passing 7-Eleven.

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