Tokyo Umai Yokocho

Food wonderland under Akihabara's railtracks

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New to the railway arches beneath the JR train tracks north of Akihabara is Tokyo Umai Yokocho (東京うまい横丁), which promises to bring quality food alongside an authentic yet accessible yokocho experience to all.

Literally 'side street' or 'alleyway', yokocho nowadays refers to the Tokyo trend that is clusters of small bars and eateries packed together in close quarters, where space is a premium once Japan's tired workers descend on them for a post-work drink.

Tokyo Umai Yokocho in Akihabara has the potential to become just as famous as Golden Gai and Omoide Yokocho, by concentrating on delivering top quality food, in a spacious environment. Between July and October 2017, Umai Yokocho's food trucks are dishing up exciting foods with a rotating menu each month to keep things interesting.

(Photo: Tokyo Umai Yokocho)
(Photo: Tokyo Umai Yokocho)

Following the success of July's gyoza-themed month, August sees a new menu line-up with premium meats and curry in contention - with all 6 trucks serving up their own take on this 'Meat festival' theme.

Try from A5 Kuroge wagyu cuts of roast steak (¥1,200), to sirloin beef breaded cutlets from Kyoto (from ¥700) to aged Kanzaki beef (¥1,500), as well as a selection of curries.

The drinks menu offers good choice, including alcohol staples such as Premium Suntory Malt's beer and Jim Beam, among many others – what's more it's Happy Hour everyday until 6pm where you drink for half the price!

(Photo: Tokyo Umai Yokocho)
(Photo: Tokyo Umai Yokocho)

Compared to more traditional yokocho, Tokyo Umai Yokocho could be considered the perfect place for tourists to experience this way of dining. The venue here is easily accessible and spacious, and has great restroom facilities - often a cramped experience at more traditional yokocho.

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