Kasia Szumna

Tricolore Cafe in Ginza

Old-fashioned cafe since 1936

Kasia Szumna   - 1 min read

Tricolore Cafe is located in a quiet alley in Ginza, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo. Although Ginza is mainly busy streets with modern tall buildings, this cafe managed to keep a fabulous retro style. It is an oasis of tranquility in this popular fancy shoppers district. The place was opened in 1936. Inside, every little detail counts, adding up to a classy vintage design. Coffee is brewed in a copper kettle over open fire and served in exquisite porcelain cups. After a long shopping day in Ginza, red velvet armchairs look incredibly inviting. Enjoy your coffee and admire eclectic decorations in this charming old cafe.

Kasia Szumna

Kasia Szumna @katarzynakasia.szumna

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