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Great quality grilled eel at low prices

By Rachel Liu    - 2 min read

Although eel is usually considered an expensive cuisine, the good news is that Unadondon, the first unadon speciality restaurant, has arrived in Jimbocho, aiming to provide eel at a reasonable price. It is also the first restaurant that specializes in making exclusively unadon (marinated eel over a bowl of rice). With a more casual style comparing with other restaurants that typically sell this dish, it is a great place to go and enjoy their lunch offerings.

The Menu

Based on your appetite, you can choose from unadon (¥500), unadon double (¥980), prime unadon (¥1,500), and whole eel unadon (¥2,000). On the 10th of every month, they even have a special campaign, offering the ¥500 unadon at a "thank you price" of only ¥390, which makes a great lunch deal.

It is hard to deny that at these prices Unadondon offers a really affordable way to experience this favourite grilled eel without breaking the bank.

For drinks, a wide variety of alcohol is provided, such as Sapporo lager beer (¥590), Suntory Highball (¥400), and lemon sour (¥390). Side dishes including atsuyaki tamago (Japanese omelette) (¥190), potato salad (¥190), and kimchi (¥190) are also available.

Unadondon has come to Jimbocho due to its convenient location and diversity of people. In the future, they aim expand to five locations within the year and even abroad, helping bring this well-loved Japanese dish to larger audiences.

Getting there

Unadondon is a 2 minute walk from Jimbocho station, located on the first floor of Kobayashi building. It can be easily reached by the Mita Line, Shinjuku Line, or Hanzomon Line.

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