Ryu Guw Bar (Photo: Brad Stephens)

Wagakki Bar: Ryu Guw

Enjoy a live performance of Japanese instruments!

Ryu Guw Bar (Photo: Brad Stephens)
Brad Stephens   - 2 min read

Located in Tokyo, the heart of Japan, there is a bar where you can enjoy cocktails while immersing yourself in authentic Japanese entertainment.

They have cocktails that are sake based, sakura based, and matcha based, so you can enjoy a variety of Japanese flavored drinks only available at Ryu Guw. Don't worry, they also serve non-alcohol beverages and soft drinks.

Every time you order a drink, the bartender will purify it before handing it to you. He purifies each drink by using these silver tools: forking tool and a crystal. He will pour the drink in a cup and will ring the forking tool and the crystal together and wave them above the beverage before serving it to you. Why does he do this? He does this to get rid of the bad omens.

Ryu Guw is a sacred place, you will find many traditional and holy Japanese artifacts in and out of the building.

They have a variety of drinks available:

  • Beer (700 yen)
  • Gin (500 yen~1000 yen)
  • Rum (500 yen~1000 yen)
  • Vodka (700 yen)
  • Whisky (500 yen~3500 yen)
  • Original cocktails (700 yen~1000 yen)

Every time a performer walks up toward the stage, they will bow before entering. This is basic etiquette in Japan, it shows respect to yourself and to your surroundings.

At Ryu Guw, there will be regular performers and special guests playing the koto, strumming the shamisen, and drumming the taiko! The owner of this place is Hirozumi, goes by the name Waka, and you will definitely be able to meet him. He is a Japanese Taiko Drummer, and also performs at the bar from time to time. His sets are amazing so hopefully you'll get to see one of his performances.

They are open from 19:30–24:00, seven days a week!

Be sure to check out their website, because they will occasionally host special events!

Enjoy a Japanese traditional filled evening out in Tokyo with your friends and family!

Getting there

Use the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and get off at Shin-Kouenji Station. It will be a five-minute walk from the station to Ryu Guw. Take the #2 exit and make a left, heading west, there should be a McDonalds nearby. After you found the restaurant, make a right, and head north for the next few minutes. After a brief walk, you will approach the entrance of Look Shoutengai, the entance to Ryu Guw will be located on the right hand side not too far away. There will be a staircase heading down with the Ryu Guw sign over it.

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