The perfect combo: your latte of choice, in a cone (Photo: Coffee Cone - Used with Permission)

Coffee Cone Tokyo

Add some flair to your caffeine fix

The perfect combo: your latte of choice, in a cone (Photo: Coffee Cone - Used with Permission)
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For many of us, coffee is a ritual. We start our days with it, and the smell, the taste, and even the appearance are savored - particularly in the case of fancy latte art. There's a wonderful spot in the Tokyo suburb of Koenji where they really savor the appearance of coffee, so much so that they have a unique way of presenting it. At Coffee Cone, you can forego a mug and have your latte of choice served up in a tasty waffle cone - and you still get the latte art, too.

There are more drinks available than just your regular latte here - although that's definitely available if you wish. Their hojicha lattes and matcha lattes in a cone in particular are quite popular with store patrons, and are deliciously rich and creamy. If you're worried about your drink of choice dripping from the bottom of the cone, don't fret - they serve it with a glass mason jar at the bottom to prevent any potential mess, although it doesn't seem to pose a problem if you consume your drink within a reasonable amount of time. If you're not a latte person at all, Coffee Cone also offer soft-serve ice cream, cakes, toast, and popcorn on their menu.

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Please note that the store is currently closed due to COVID-19 precautions. The cafe owner has advised that business should reopen sometime this month. Follow along on their Instagram at @coffeeconetokyo for updates.

Getting there

Coffee Cone Tokyo is located only two minutes on foot from Shin-Koenji Station, served by the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, or around ten minutes on foot from Koenji Station on the JR Chuo Main Line.


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