Maiko Lankau

Watching the Tokyo Marathon

Top athletes mixed with Cos-runners—Welcome to Tokyo!

Maiko Lankau   - 1 min read

The Tokyo Marathon 2013 took place on 24 February and it was the first competition for Tokyo as part of the World Marathon Majors. More then 36,000 runners and about 1.7 million spectators participated in this great event. It was a bright and sunny day, seemed perfect for running, and for taking some pictures!

Maiko Lankau

Maiko Lankau @maiko.lankau

I came to Japan from Flensburg, Germany in summer 2012. You can`t compare my small lovely hometown Flensburg with Tokyo. Therefore, it took a while to settle down.When I`m not at work, I love to wander around in Tokyo and most often I`m 'armed' with my camera ;)