Welcome to central Japan's biggest outlet mall, Jazz Dream Nagashima! (Photo: PPF)

Jazz Dream Nagashima Outlet Mall

Over 240 shops, cafes, restaurants & specialty stores

Welcome to central Japan's biggest outlet mall, Jazz Dream Nagashima! (Photo: PPF)
Chris Glenn   - 3 min read

Right next door to the famed Nagashima Spa Land with its world record holding roller coasters and thrilling attractions, is central Japan’s largest maker-direct factory outlet mall, Mitsui Outlet Park, Jazz Dream Nagashima. Quite a mouthful of a name, and quite an eyeful of a shopping mall!

Based in Kuwana, on the border of Mie and Aichi Prefectures, Jazz Dream Nagashima as it’s more popularly known, boasts over 240 shops, cafes, restaurants and specialty stores lining it’s Mediterranean styled wide walkways and cloister like arcades.

The mall offers a very wide selection of goods and items including mens wear, ladies wear, children’s wear, tablewear, footwear, kitchen goods, sports goods, bags and accessories, toys and variety, gourmet foods, watches, pet accessories and so much more! Previous season stock, seconds and even maker samples are available for 30 to 80% off the normal retail price!

You’ll enjoy browsing amongst such international names as Polo Ralph Lauren, TAG Heuer, Nike, Levis, Dolce & Gabbana, Godiva, Agnes B., Crocs, Coach, and Tory Burch amongst many, many others. The line up of stores reads like a who’s who of the worlds’ fashion industry.

Admission is free, and there is plenty of car parking available. Regular shuttle busses between the Meitetsu Bus Centre at Nagoya Station make the trip in about 40 minutes, with other busses running between the Kuwana Station and the mall also in service. Being part of the Nagashima Resort complex, visitors may decide to stay in one of the nearby resort hotels and hot spas!

Restaurants and cafés line the easy to navigate center and make for welcome rest areas, as well as keeping the family satisfied in between shopping. Some of the relaxation areas are free of charge too! Other services include the Reparera office, where specialty staff can adjust the lengths of the clothes you buy and help make your purchases “original” with special alterations and accessories.

The Jazz Dream Nagashima outlet mall is well designed and is one of the growing number of barrier free shopping areas in Japan. While none of the stores accept travelers checks, most will take the major international credit cards.

Mitsui Outlet Park, Jazz Dream Nagashima, a mouthful to say, an eyeful to see, and a day full of shopping enjoyment for the whole family! If you can’t find what you want here, well, chances are, you didn’t really want it anyway!

Chris Glenn

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