Spectacular views of Hisawa from temple grounds (Photo: C. Rio)


Temple #23 of the Ohenro 88 temple pilgrimage

C. Rio   - 1 min read

Temple twenty three in the Shikoku Ohenro pilgrimage is also known as the Medicine King Temple and is one of the most popular (and crowded). It is believed that age 42 for men and 33 for women are the most dangerous times of life. One can avoid this bad luck, and bring good fortune, by praying at this temple, and placing a coin on each of the steps leading to the Main Hall (42 steps on the men's side and 33 steps on the women's side). To get there, catch a JR Mugi line train from Tokushima station and get off at Hiwasa station. From there it’s about a 10 minute walk.

C. Rio

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