The entrance up close (Photo: Sleiman Azizi)

Boulangerie Trois Bakery

Higashi Mukojima's little red bread shop

The entrance up close (Photo: Sleiman Azizi)
Sleiman Azizi   - 2 min read

Visiting the Mukojima Hyakka-en Garden in Sumida-ku in Tokyo, you can't help but notice the little red store opposite. And notice I did. I spied quickly enough that it was a bakery and well, being a bit pressed for time, I promised myself that I'd visit once I left the garden.

And so visit I did, and what a pleasant little surprise it was. The storefront is a very simple and yet somehow inviting red framed window and door opening into a tiny space, which is filled with breads and rolls crying out to be bought. Despite only having a few yen left in my pocket, I couldn't refuse.

Scanning the menu, I noticed a very inviting macadamia and chocolate roll for 180 yen, as well as a beef and burdock burger for 380 yen. That beef really looked tasty but I eventually settled on the 320 yen mackerel roll with salted bread and plum sauce. Yes, that's right. Fish in bread. Never let it be said that Japanese bakeries aren't inventive.

And good too. I mean, the roll was delicious. Absolutely so. It seemed so simple but with its soft and delicate texture, I felt as if I were drinking it down. I wonder what their cheese fondue roll is like...

Asking the staff if everything in the store was handmade, they grinned and replied "Why yes, of course." Silly me. I shouldn't have doubted. The next time you are in the area, do yourself a favour and stop by the little red bakery. Your palate will love you for it.

Getting there

Take the Tokyo Skytree Line to Higashi Mukojima Station. Head right from the exit and follow the train line to the first main intersection. Turn right and follow the road until you see Boulangeris Trois on the left. All up, about a five-minute walk.

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