Bubble Tea Makes You Beautiful

Relaxing with a footbath and three types of bubble tea

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The AIRSTREAM GARDEN is collaborating with Shimane Prefecture to promote the event "Tapi-Hada" from 8th November to the end of December. "Tapi-Hada" is a bubble tea that beautifies your skin. At this event, you can enjoy a foot bath and three limited bubble teas which are inspired by Shimane Prefecture's onsen (hot spring spas). Shimane Prefecture is well known in Japan as the prefecture of beautiful skin because of its good onsen water. Bubble tea represents the secret to Shimane people's beautiful skin. The high-quality bubbles developed for this bubble tea contain a lot of honey and it is referred to as "nudie tapioca pearl".

Bubble tea movement in Japan

The bubble tea craze started in 2018. The number of bubble tea shops in Tokyo has doubled since then. And when you search for #tapioca on Instagram, you will find more than ten thousand photos.

Matcha bubble tea latte
Matcha bubble tea latte (Photo: the AIRSTREAM GARDEN)

Relaxing with a footbath in Harajuku

The footbath is located at the AIRSTREAM GARDEN close to Omotesando Hills. After a walk around Harajuku, you can take a rest here. Some people don't want to fuss with socks but don't worry about it—plastic bags are provided to protect your socks.

The footbath is available from the 8th of November to the 16th of November.

Footbath (Photo: the AIRSTREAM GARDEN)

Three types of limited bubble tea

During the event, three types of bubble tea are on offer at the AIRSTREAM GARDEN. These bubble tea are inspired by the top three onsen in Shimane Prefecture.

Ginger sparkling bubble tea with fruit (Tamatsukuri Onsen)

Tamatsukuri Onsen is a famous and historical onsen in Japan. According to Japanese mythology in "Izumo Fudoki," written 1300 years ago, Tamatsukuri Onsen makes you younger the first time you visit. On your second visit, the onsen will heal you of any illness. The bubble tea uses local ginger "Shusai ginger" to warm up your body and fresh fruit such as oranges, apples, and blueberries to provide you with a lot of vitamins.

Price: 680 yen (with tax)

The bubble tea is available from November 8th to 24th.

Ginger sparkling bubble tea with fruit
Ginger sparkling bubble tea with fruit

Brown rice latte bubble tea (Hinokami Onsen)

Hinokami Onsen is located in the Oku Izumo area which is famous for "Yamata no Orochi," a legendary dragon with eight heads and eight tails. The Hinokami Onsen is one of the top three skin beautifying onsen in Japan. This bubble tea uses local brown rice tea that contains a good amount of dietary fiber. You can enjoy it as a latte.

Price: 680 yen (with tax)

This bubble tea is available from November 25th to December 11th.

Brown rice bubble tea latte
Brown rice bubble tea latte (Photo: the AIRSTREAM GARDEN)

Matcha latte (Yunotsu Onsen)

Yunotsu Onsen in the west of Shimane Prefecture is known for the World Heritage Site Iwami Ginzan. The taste of matcha-flavored latte bubble tea originated from here.

Price: 700 yen (with tax)

This tea is available from December 12th to 28th.

Now that you know the story of each onsen and bubble tea you are ready to enjoy this pop-up event. But this event only offers a glimpse of Shimane Prefecture. Learn more in the San'in area and Shimane Prefecture, both are very attractive places for travelers and are blessed with onsen, hiking trails, bountiful natural beauty, and great food.

Matcha bubble tea latte
Matcha bubble tea latte (Photo: the AIRSTREAM GARDEN)

*The AIRSTREAM GARDEN staff will do their best to communicate with you in English.

Getting there

Omotesando Sta. [Ginza Line / Hanzomon Line]: 3-minute walk from exit "A2"

Meiji-Jingu Mae Sta. [Fukutoshin Line]: 7-minute walk from exit "5"

Harajuku Sta. [Yamanote Line]: 10-minute walk from exit "Omotesando"

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