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By Selena Hoy    - 3 min read

Kichijoji seems to be getting less and less boho, but the vegetarian institution Deva Deva Café ("god of gods") is keeping it real on the back streets of Musashino. Down a side street and up on the second floor, the café has that Enya vibe you've been searching for.

Seating about 20, the clean wooden interior is light and airy, with an open kitchen visible through a wide peek-a-boo window behind a row of bottles, cooking tools, and specials boards.

The menu is entirely vegetarian, and most things can also be made vegan. The café strives to use organic and domestic vegetables, and does not use white sugar or artificial flavors.

Mains tend to pizzas and burgers, like the shop's signature towering "Yogi Burger" (I got the Avocado Burger the last time I went, which is just the Yogi plus avo), which comes with a side of potato wedges or a salad, or a bit of both if you like (1200 yen). Pizzas have a whole wheat crust, and come in flavors like "Chicken" Combo, Vitamin Vegetable, and Arugula & Soysage (1300 yen).

The daily deli plate comes with bottomless organic bread (made with stone ground wheat and natural yeast), a cup of soup (such as carrot, minestrone, or miso), two deli items, and salad, and goes for 1600 yen.

As for drinks, try an herb cordial, a strawberry coconut milk shake, an avocado mint smoothie, or a carrot super shake. You can also have rooibos tea, mango or guava juice, grain coffee, or a soy or chai latte.

The pretty pastry case has some tempting delectables like cashew cheesecake, caramel nut tart, and apple pie, and some concoctions for the more adventurous like black bean and chestnut tart. They make an excellent vegan birthday cake with soy or rice whip and cashew ice cream.

A few items are for sale next to the register like the aforementioned soy and rice whipping cream, cookies, prepackaged snacks like Larabars, and a few dry goods like Rumford baking powder and dried soy meat.

Most of the menu is available for take out, including a wide selection of baked goods like muffins, scones, donuts, and cakes. If you're looking for some veggie lovin', look no further than this Vegetarian Society-approved eatery!

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