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The treehouse café-bar

By Perri Silverstein    - 3 min read

Finding nature among the city streets can be difficult in Tokyo. Fortunately, crafty restaurateurs have found ways to inject the quaintness of nature into this neon-drenched metropolis. Located near Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku is the café and bar, Hideaway. True to its name, this small eatery is actually constructed around the trunk of a live tree.

After walking up a flight of stairs, open the door on the left to enter the café. The space is dark, lit by window and skylight for a real connection with nature. The most desirable seat of the house is most definitely the booth surrounding the tree trunk, perfect for a small group of friends. There are three smaller tables lining one wall, which are suitable for couples and single diners. During my visit lunch set options included the choice of pasta, fried brown rice, pork stew, pita sandwich or curry. Each dish comes with a drink and salad for a very reasonable 1,000 yen. My curry dish was flavorful and incredibly filling. The free and relaxed atmosphere of the café is a nice escape from the hectic pace of the surrounding area. Lunch is offered from 12:00 - 16:00. Following lunch is teatime, until 18:00, when you can enjoy the cake set with a beverage for just 750 yen. An English menu is available. If you find smoking bothersome, be warned, this is a small space and smoking is allowed.

The walls are lined with outdoor-oriented books to leaf through and gear for purchase. Clothing items like wool socks and waterproof jackets are best suited for the woodsman in your life. Maybe you are not in the market for a jean jumpsuit, but a plastic Hideaway souvenir cup for 500 yen could be nice to take home. Hideaway also offers all of its wares for sale online in their web shop.

Listen to the soothing music and enjoy a tasty lunch in this unique place. If you can't make it for lunch, Hideaway is open until 23:00, making it a cozy spot for after-work drinks. Parties of up to 25 people can also rent the space for private parties.

Take a break from the typical café experience and climb into Hideaway’s treehouse to experience “Treedom.”

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