Aoi Umi Kōen: Sights and Sunsets

A beautiful park between Aomori Bay and the mountains

By Imogen Riethmuller    - 1 min read

Aoi Umi Kōen, or 'Blue Ocean Park', is a small park on the Mutsu Bay in Aomori. On a map, it doesn't look like much: a small green patch at the northern tip of the Japanese island of Honshū. In reality, it is the perfect place to enjoy a scenic view of the bay. Cool from sea breezes even when the sun is strongest, the park during the day is picturesque, and from it the ocean looks endless. Daytime at Aoi Umi Kōen, however, is only half the story - at sunset, the sky explodes with colour over the water.

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Imogen Riethmuller

Imogen Riethmuller @imogen.riethmuller

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