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R Pizza
Sarah Koh   - 5 min read

Craving pizza while trying to eat clean? Tired of picking out the pineapple on your pizza? Or having trouble gathering some friends or family to go on a pizza date with you?

Fret not.

With R Pizza, all your problems will be solved.

Run by Crisp Inc, the same guys behind Crisp Salad Works and founder of Mexican restaurant Frijoles, the newly opened pizza restaurant at Roppongi Hills is the answer to all your pizza-related woes.

In a nutshell, R Pizza is the Italian version of Subway, offering pizzas instead of sandwiches, making the tasty humble dish a healthy fast food option. Here, customers get to customize their one-serving-sized pizza as they go down the assembly line, which is then baked freshly on the spot.

Compromise no longer with customizable pizzas

Bid goodbye to the much disdained toppings that you’ve always wanted to leave out and help yourself to double servings of cheese if that’s your favorite. Here, you can afford to be picky and choose from the wide variety of ingredients. With over 30 toppings to choose from, it’s a great number of pizza permutations you can possibly derive. The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your pizza here so go wild with it!

A dazzling multitude of pizza combos awaits
A dazzling multitude of pizza combos awaits (Photo: R Pizza )

But if that’s too overwhelming, feel free to choose from the eight delicious R Pizza combos available.

It's not a cheat day if you opt for these pizzas

If gobbling a pizza makes you feel bad by breaking your eat clean diet, you can do away with guilt as pizzas here are made from scratch. Ingredients are prepared fresh as the crust, sausages and other meats are made at the store, and even the pineapples are sliced on the spot.

Fresh and wholesome ingredients make quality pizzas and happy customers
Fresh and wholesome ingredients make quality pizzas and happy customers

Convenient and delicious pizzas are possible here

Usually if you are craving a pizza in Japan, you'll have to head to an Italian establishment or settle for a Japanese fast food pizza, making it a bit of a challenge to have a quick and good pizza meal. At R pizza, solo diners or those after a quick lunch will find their needs met. Pizzas here come in one-person servings and after customizing yours, it will get sent into the oven and be ready in two minutes. Talk about convenience!

Take-out is an option too! Do it with R Pizza's adorably designed pizza box
Take-out is an option too! Do it with R Pizza's adorably designed pizza box (Photo: R Pizza)

A little history on the assembly line

Back in 1966, in the United States, Subway became the pioneer of the assembly line way of preparing food in front of customers, and has always focused on the choice and freshness its sandwiches offers. Over there, customers get to choose what they want in their sandwich, which is then made on the spot. Taking it further, Chipotle, which opened in 1993, has made the assembly line so popular and ubiquitous that many other types of fast food such as pizza have been hopping on the bandwagon. The assembly line model's popularity is easy to understand with customers being able to enjoy freshly made customized orders.

At R Pizza, the same joy of a wholesome and made-to-order meal can be experienced.

When the next craving hits, pop into the R Pizza restaurant at Roppongi Hills to treat yourself to that savory wholesome pizza.

Getting there

R Pizza is located in Roppongi Hills, which is a 5-minute walk from Hibiya Line and a 10-minute walk from Odeo Line of Roppongi Station. The restaurant is tucked into an alcove behind the central elevator so do look out for it.

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